Sales Sharing

Host an event at Blue Baker

Organizing a Sales Sharing night at Blue Baker can be a fun fundraiser for your group. The best part of hosting an event at Blue Baker is the opportunity for your volunteers to work in our bakery making fresh warm cookies to sell during the event.

Promote your Event

Pre-event planning

Avoid scheduling the event on a date that interferes with other activities.

For schools, engage your principal, teachers, PTO leadership, and staff to encourage participation and generate enthusiasm for the event among students and parents.

Start early and inform as many people as possible of the date and time of your event.

Create a Facebook event page and encourage your friends to share the event. Link to Blue Baker’s fan page or website (

Email a jpeg image of your organization to so we can promote your event on our Facebook page.

Recruit friends and volunteers from within your organization to promote the event and attend.

Communicate your group’s fundraising goal and explain how the fundraiser will benefit your organization. If your fundraising goal is met, consider offering a reward that is fun and creative.

Distribute flyers and posters to your supporters at least two weeks in advance.

Send students home with a visual reminder about the event (stickers are effective).

During the event

Recruit 10-12 volunteers to work the event. (It works well to assign two shifts each with 6 volunteers.) Two volunteers are needed at all times for each of the following roles:

  • 2 Bakers (Work in our bakery scooping and baking cookies to sell to your group. Please wear pants and close-toed shoes. We will provide hats and aprons.)
  • 2 Cookie Sellers (Sell warm cookies in the dining room to your group.)
  • 2 Greeters (Welcomes guests from your group.)

Details and Rules

If we can accommodate your group's request, Blue Baker will donate 10% of all sales mentioned by your group's members to our cashiers and 50% of sales from warm cookies baked and sold by your group during the designated time.

  • The event will be scheduled on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from 5pm-8pm.
  • Your group's members must inform our cashiers that they are part of your group in order for the value of a sale to be added to your group's total. Please set realistic expectations. For example, if your group wants to raise $150, your organization needs to bring in $1,500 in sales or bake and sell $300 of cookies.
  • Once the sales share event begins, you may not solicit Blue Baker customers not associated with your group to mention your cause to our cashiers. Your group will only receive credit for sales from guests who specifically show up to support your cause.

The donation check will be mailed to your group within two weeks following your event.

Sales Sharing Form

Event Request Form*


About your organization

  1. What is the organization seeking the donation?*
    Is it a 501(c)3?
  2. What is your organization's mission?
  3. Has your organization received a donation from Blue Baker in the past?
  4. What is your relationship to the organization?
  5. Who is the organization's Executive Director? Board President?

About the Event

  1. For when would you like to host a sales sharing event at Blue Baker?
    (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. 5-8pm)
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    Selected date(s):

  2. What is the event's goal? (Financial goal and number of supporters attending.)
  3. For what will the funds raised be used?
  4. How many volunteers will your group bring?
  5. At what Blue Baker location would you like to host the event?

  6. How will your group promote the event?
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