Blue on us

to WIN

Please refer to the
Rules and Details below.


Blue People –

We love BLUE people. So much so that, based on your level of blueness (feeling blue or wearing a blue shirt doesn’t count), you eat free. A little blue gets a free cookie. Blue face, arms, legs and dressed in blue? A free sandwich. Totally blue and a unique blue outfit (Basically shocking and slightly scary.)? A 10" stone oven pizza.

Level 1 Level 1 Level 1

Level 1

Small amount of visible
BLUE skin.


Level 2 Level 2

Level 2

Painted Face, arms, legs, and
dress in BLUE.

FREE Sandwich

Level 3 Level 3 Level 3

Level 3

Sheer BLUE craziness!
Painted face, arms, legs, hair
and a unique blue outfit.

FREE 10" Stone Oven Pizza


But certain restrictions apply. As in, no blue bellies (it’s that "no shirt, no service" thing), no blue nudity (we trust your underwear is blue), no "to go" orders (we want you and your blueness to hang out), etc.

More Details –

Our managers grade blue people based on how creative and extreme their blueness is that day. (We do not tell you ahead of time what you will get, so go for broke!)

Blue people then get various amounts of free food based on that manager’s decision. (No complaining – it’s free food after all!)

If you are planning to bring a blue mob (i.e. more than five blue people are planning to chow down), please give us a call one day ahead so that we can get ready for you.

And we do not recommend ingesting colloidal silver (although it will effectively turn your skin blue forever).

By submitting a photo to this contest, you give Blue Baker permission to use your photo at its discretion and without limitation. In addition, by submitting a photo you agree that you will not seek any compensation for use of your photo and you waive the right to approve or dispute any usage of your photo by Blue Baker.

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