Promote Your Group’s Cause

In Store Signage and Props

We require your group to create and print 10, 8.5" wide by 11" tall color sheets briefly explaining your group’s cause. These will be placed next to the cookies for sale and on our entry doors. We require you to submit a proof two weeks before your sale is scheduled to begin.

We have found that a visual prop placed in the areas in which our guests wait before ordering is very helpful in getting our guests to notice and learn about your cause. This, however, is not necessary. The maximum amount of floor space we have available for a prop is 5 feet by 5 feet. This space can also be used to display any additional information you have available. For example, you could display sign up forms, pamphlets, etc. Please submit any prop ideas you have along with your form. Our hope is that an iced cookie sale will not only raise funds for your group, but will also help educate our guests about what your group does in our community.

Promotion Ideas

  • Start early and inform as many people as possible of the dates of your sale.
  • Create a Facebook event page and encourage your supporters to share the event. Link to Blue Baker’s fan page or website (
  • Send an email to your supporters explaining the dates of your sale.
  • Post information about the sale on your website.
  • Add information regarding the sale to any printed flyers you distribute prior to the event.
  • Add the dates of the sale to any PSA announcements your group is running on radio, television and in newspapers.
  • Communicate your group’s fundraising goal and explain how the fundraiser will benefit your organization.
  • Email a jpeg image of your organization to so we can better promote your sale on our Facebook page.
  • Distribute flyers and posters to your supporters at least two weeks in advance.

Details and Rules

If we can accommodate your group’s request, Blue Baker will donate the profits from all iced cookies sold on your group's designated week.

The donation check will be mailed to your group within two weeks following your event.

Cookie Sale Form

Cookie Sale Request Form*


About your organization

  1. What is the organization seeking the donation?*
    Is it a 501(c)3?
  2. What is your organization's mission?
  3. Has your organization received a donation from Blue Baker in the past?
  4. What is your relationship to the organization?
  5. Who is the organization's Executive Director? Board President?

About the Cookies

  1. For when would you like to host a cookie sale at Blue Baker?
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    October 2018

    Selected date(s):

  2. What is the event's goal?
  3. For what will the funds raised be used?
  4. What idea do you have for an iced cookie shape and design?
  5. At what Blue Baker location would you like to host the event?

  6. How will your group promote the cookie sale?
  7. What information can your group provide to be displayed next to the cookies in our stores?
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